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 I don’t know much about classical music. Can the Four Seasons Ensemble help me choose the right  musical selections for my event or wedding?

Our coordinator can work with you to make suggestions based on what is suitable for your event or you can allow us to choose the music for you.

Do you take special requests for music?

Yes, we accommodate most requests. If the sheet music for the piece you’ve requested is unavailable, we can write an arrangement for an additional fee.

Do you charge extra to travel?

If the event takes place within an hour’s drive of Manhattan, there is no charge for travel.  The fee for travel that is more than an hour is based on the distance.

How far will you travel?

As long as our travel fee is covered we have no limit on how far we will travel.

Can you play outdoors?

Yes and we frequently do.  In order to protect our valuable instruments we cannot play when it is raining or drizzling or below 60 degrees.

When should I book the Four Seasons Ensemble?

No booking is too early or too late.

Should I tip the musicians?

Only if you are happy with our service.  While a tip is appreciated as an expression of gratitude, it is not required.

What are your fees?

Our fees are based on how many musicians you hire and how many hours we play.

Can you play at our wedding rehearsal?

Yes, for an additional fee.

Can you play for the cocktail hour or reception?

Yes, we can play for as little or as much of your wedding as needed.

Can you perform with our church organist or singer?

We frequently collaborate with other musicians and can coordinate the music in advance.

What are some popular combinations of instruments used in weddings?

Strolling Violin

Flute, violin, viola and cello

Flute, violin and cello

Flute or violin and harp

Flute, or violin, harp and cello

Flute or violin and Guitar

Flute or violin and piano

String Quartet

String chamber orchestra

Trumpet and strings

Any combination of above instruments

What if I’d like an unusual instrument played at my event?

We can provide any instrument that plays in a Symphony Orchestra.